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Can I Make Suggestions?
We love suggestions!  Have a certain holiday you’d like to see a graphic for? Let us know!  We’ll contact you and let you know if we can add it to our graphics page. Simply fill out the Contact Form or drop us an email at
Can I Share a Link with DentistWise?
Have you found a link to a great Dental article that you’d like others to be able to share as well? Let us know!  We’ll do our best to add it to our Choose Your Links page.  Simply copy the link and send it to us on our Contact Form or send us an email at
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Do you already have a blog of your own that you’d like to share with other DentistWise Practices? Let us know!  We’ll tell you if we’re able to share.  Drop us a message on the Contact Form or send us an email to
What is The Hive?
The Hive is a place for you and other Dental Professionals to Learn, Connect & Share through Forums where you can join, moderate and post.  Here you can share ideas about new technology, look for your next Awesome Assistant or post equipment you are trying to sell. Check it out!  Go to The Hive Now!

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