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Get the Custom Mobile Responsive Website Your Office Deserves

Social Media Integration

Create, Set Up and Brand all of your Social Media profiles.

Social Media Posting

Get all of your Social Media Posts for Every Day of the Week.

Content Creation

Custom Branded Content Created Just for Your Office.


Gain Reviews from Real Patients who have Visited Your Office.

The Hive

Learn, Grow & Share through Forums.

Dentist Wise

Wise Marketing for the Smart Dental Professional


Get the custom website your practice deserves. Highlight your office, your specialty and your awesome staff. We’ll help you design a website that will make you shine!


We will Create, Set Up and Brand all of your Social Media profiles, then link them to your website, Google & Google Analytics.


Get all of your social media posts for every day of the week from our online resource center. Posting on social media not only educates your current patients, it draws in new patients by showing you are active & interested in their health. Starting at $49/month!


It is important to regularly add content to your website & social media. We can help you create that content with custom Videos & Photos of your practice and your staff.


Gain reviews from patients who have visited your office. Reviews are shown on your profile & gives new patients the opportunity to hear about the great experiences others have had!


COMING SOON! Learn, Grow & Share through Forums that you can join, moderate & post. Here you will be able share information about new technology, look for your next awesome Assistant or post equipment for sale.

Why Keep Struggling?

Setting up Google Accounts can be confusing. Social Media can be overwhelming. What am I supposed to post? What’s a Blog? So many questions can lead to just giving up. Don’t give up… Get DentistWise!

Are All Dental Websites Created Equal?

The best answer is NO!  Not all Dental websites are the same.  Some have super-charged back ends with ECommerce modules selling products online and appointment scheduling linked to Dental Software with online Health Histories and more.  Some are “mom & pop”-sized with offices who still schedule over the phone on a paper calendar.  What do you want for your site? What do you NEED for your site?  A custom website with DentistWise is flexible and grow as you grow.  Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

Google, Google Analytics, Google Adwords

Google is the platform for every listing on Earth to be recognized.  Think about that.  Every business, every dentist, every specialist can be “Googled”.  Do you know how to control what is being seen about your business on Google?  Did you know that you have control over your Google presence? We will set up your Google Business Account properly, along with your Google Analytics account and link it to your website.  This will help you track your stats and see the usage on your website.  You’ll be able to see the results yourself.  You don’t have to wait for a rep to show you.  If you’re interested in using Google AdWords, we can help you get that set up too!  Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

Why do I need to be LinkedIn anyway?

Social Media can be confusing.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  LinkedIn.  YouTube.  Pinterest.  SnapChat. Why do you need to be LinkedIn? What’s a SnapChat filter?  Social media is the fastest and least expensive platform to help get you noticed.  In today’s world, almost everyone has a Social Media account of some kind.  As a matter of fact, 1.52 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered “daily active users”.  In 2015, there were 195,722 practicing dentists in the United States.  And a surprisingly small percentage of those dentists use social media, mostly because they don’t know how or don’t know where to start.

Posting to your social media accounts shows you’re interested in taking care of your business and your patients.  It creates content in your name and also shows you are relevant and the authority in your field.  Using social media connects you to the outside world and gets you out of your 4 walls.  Let us show you how to use social media properly and how to get started.  It takes a little work, but it’s a lot more valuable than postcard mailings when used correctly. Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

What am I supposed to post?

What you post to your social media profiles is up to you, really.  But the environment you want to create should be the same one you embrace in your office.  If you’re a General Dentist, you’ll want to focus on different content than an Orthodontist would, or an Endodontist would.  We’ll help you by providing content you can choose from without having to search all over the internet.  Choose from a myriad of dental articles that cover endless dental topics.  Choose from pre-made graphics that share fun facts about all kinds of teeth!  People, Animals, False Teeth, Trivia, Baby Teeth and so much more!

There are 2 ways you can post your content with DentistWise.  We can post it for you for one low price each month or you can designate someone in your office to post for you for an even lower price each month!  We’ll give you all the tools and instruction you need to get your office noticed on social media. Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

Do Reviews Really Matter?

“Back in the day”, neighborhoods were full of families who knew their neighbors.  You could always call your neighbor if you ran out of a cup of sugar or an egg.  You could certainly count on them for a great referral for a good dentist.  But today’s world is different.  The introduction of the automatic garage door opener literally closed neighbors off from each other and today, it’s pretty common to not even be familiar with the person who lives next door to you.  So where do you find a good dentist if you don’t know your neighbors or the people around you?  You will probably turn to a search engine on the internet for your new dentist.

With that being said, reviews are super important!  They make your office stand up and take notice a little more.  Paying attention to what your patients think will help you drive your practice to honor exceptional Customer Service.  Being mindful of your patients goes a long way!  Sometimes it’s hard to ask for reviews.  Especially if your office and clinical staff aren’t used to asking for them.  We will give you and your staff the tools you need to start asking for reviews that make you stand out! Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

What is The Hive?

The Hive is COMING SOON! It is a forum for Dental Professionals to Learn, Grow and Share information, ideas and knowledge about Dentistry!  Start a new topic or join one that has already started.  The Hive is for Dentists and all of their staff to communicate with other offices around the country.  Learn from other offices about what they’re doing to market their practice.  Share with other offices about what you’re doing in your office that is working great… Or not so great!  Grow your practice by learning how other practices are growing theirs.

Use The Hive to list your dental equipment, talk to others about repairing equipment, gain referrals in your hometown, find a colleague in a different town, or find your next Dental Assistant.   The Hive gives Dentists the opportunity to meet dentists from other parts of the country and keep in touch with them.  Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

What is a Blog?

A blog, by definition, is “…a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.”  Dental blogging by individual Dentists is relatively new.  Until now, most dental blogs have been written by the big familiar names like Crest & Colgate.  If you are a Dentist who enjoys researching, writing and sharing information about anything pertaining to Dentistry, then you should be a blogger!  Blogging is the best way to fill your website with rich content focused on Dentistry.  If blogging is for you, give us a call! Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

Why would I want to create content?

We always recommend branding when it comes to your website, videos, social media, business cards, etc.  If you carry your “brand” throughout your advertising, that brand will become synonymous with your name, making you visually identifiable.  If you’d like to create a specific look for your social media or blog content, we can help you with Custom Content Creation.  Design services available for print ads, online ads, social media ads, postcards and more.  Contact us for more information.  (630) 802-1119

Why would I want to make videos?

Video is also a great way to add content to your website.  It is the next best thing to actually visiting your office.  For a new patient seeking a new Dentist, it can be a great way to experience the environment of your office before they visit.  It is also a way to highlight your awesome staff!  But remember, some people are comfortable with being in front of the camera.  Some are not.  And that’s OK!  We’ll help you with video containing your whole staff, part of your staff, or no staff at all. Contact us today for more information.  (630) 802-1119 or

How much does DentistWise cost?

Custom Content Creation

All Custom Content Creation pricing is determined on an individual basis.  Pricing is dependent on location, size of office, size of staff, etc.  Please contact us to discuss.  (630) 802-1119


All Branding pricing is determined on an individual basis.  Pricing is dependent on type of work needed, i.e.; logo, postcards, business cards, etc.  Please contact us to discuss.  (630) 802-1119

DentistWise Content Posting 

DentistWise pricing is simple!  There are two ways to use DentistWise for your Social Media needs.

  1.  We’ll post for you.
  2.  We provide you with the content & you do the posting. 

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